My Queen

Be my queen

or the star,

I’ll always find you wherever you are.


If I die,

Girl, don’t you cry,

Cause I will be there

By your side.


I promise I won’t hide,

Maybe this will be a kinda mystery ride,
I will be there in your every wave and tide,
I promise I won’t hide.


You know everything,

I can’t hide anything,

How I feel for you,

Maybe I’m nothing new to you,

But girl I love you.


 I’m clueless.

 But I know someday you will be mine,

 For now at least give a sign,

Cause you’re my everything, you’re my Divine,

Help me, help me.Cause I am so helpless.

show me the way, be my sunshine…


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  1. Arpan · March 22, 2015

    Reblogged this on Poem Again.


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