I don’t know if I can remember anything more beautiful than you, or anything which makes me happy, cherish, and those eyes of yours.. Or I believe that there is nothing like you.. Anything that can be you yes you. Do you know why?

Oh pretty. ! Nothing like you,
But You never believed me,
And I won’t stop telling you,
I thought “how hard it can be?”
But you said “stop trying on me”
Maybe I will never succeed,
But I will try my infinity.Without you I’ll be the lost star,
Without you I’ll feel so cold,
This will be bitter than December.
Maybe you never understand,
I think you never wanted to,
But I was always there,
Waiting for you to come,
I will always wait for you,
But now I’ve a harsh feeling
That you never wanted to see me?
But I’ll be strong and stronger than before.
If you ever make your mind to see me,
I’ll be standing here alone,
Wide awake just to see.

Prove me wrong this time also,
But I’ll be happy if you do so,
My eyes are tired of waiting,
Maybe it needs some sleep,
Though forever is a long time,
But maybe it’s just perfect for this time,
Will you be here to see me?
For the last time?
I’m bad at remembering,
But you were in my memory,
One unforgettable thing I’ll forget,
That is your “Goodbye”
Because there is no Good in your Goodbye,
Don’t you know? But You never asked me why,
Maybe because the time is little too shy.

You’re the queen,
Without a crown.
Just to reach you
I’ll stand in a line,
Because your eyes are so dizzy
And gorgeously brown.
And have I told you about your smile?
Nothing is as pretty as to see,
And a bit magical,
Do you know?
I can even bring the sparks of the sun
Just to see you smile.
Now you know I have a reason,
You’re the reason for my own smile.
And can heal the wound,
Reason for the tears.

Maybe some lines are not for you,
But whatever I do, I do it for you,
I want to see you,
See you smiling,
Am I demanding?
But I’ll never be tired of dreaming.
I can’t stop myself,
Maybe I need you-r help,
Another harsh answer?
But they told me “one broken heart can’t be broken again”.
For you I can’t cross the desert or the ocean,
But all I can do is a try,
Because you’re a worthy reason
To be alive for.


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