Someone Like You

Millions of people in this world,

Whom I don’t need to know,

There is no one like you,

That’s all I know.


No one can smile,

The same way you do.

Your smile is the light,

Of any gloomy night.

I want to see that,

I want to see your smile,

I want to lose my mind,

I want to lose it for a while.


I want to see you,

I want to see your eyes,

Maybe you’re a fairy,

Of my dream to the paradise.

Or maybe it’s just an illusion,

But I’m happy with this lies.


I want to hold you,

I want to hold your hands,

I will run and I will fall,

But I’ll take you where the road ends,

Maybe it’s just another dream,

Which will never belong,

But I can’t find someone like you,

Because I love your cute nose and the cuteness of you.



One comment

  1. mohit tiwari · January 14, 2015



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