You will always be a queen,
without a crown.

A month ago:
The more I talk to you,
I’m falling in love with everything you do.

You promised, when the worlds feel right,
You’ll fly with me on the tide.

I miss the old days,
Everything is going in a haze.

Now, this is where we are,
to away to far.

The Memories are there,
Maybe not so near.

Heart says it all,
Every-time I see you, I’ll fall.

Every Night..!!
I have dreamed about you,
Sorry Heart..!!
But I can’t find anyone like you.

I was in love,
Love for you, that I live.
Sometimes I regret, Sometimes don’t,
But I miss you bone to bone,
I was listening to a song by Boyzone.

They said
“When you fall too hard,
When you’re bruised and scarred,
Wherever you are,
I’ll find you”
Maybe this is true,
So, I still love you.

You never trusted your heart,
You choose to go apart,
I wanted you to give a shot,
I said I love You a lot,
You said It’s just an infatuation,
Nothing is real don’t increase the complication.

If it is, what about my feelings,
I wanted to ask you some things.
but ended with nothing,
But it’s something
which will never come with an ending.

Our love has changed,
it’s not the same,
with some new name,
and maybe a little game,
I can’t conceal this way I feel,
I think it’s time that I reveal,
Should I tell you what I feel?


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