Nothing Like You


There is nothing I can say nothing I can do,
there is no one like you,
Pretty pretty, so are you,
oh.!there is no one like you,
My heart is stolen by you,
if it’s broken, will you rescue?

now, You don’t run away,
I have much to say.
In this time,
I am lost in this prime,
I wrote a song for you, maybe not in Rhyme,
Is this a crime?

the laughing dames in who she did delight,
I would never have been in a fight,
I want to see you in every corner of my sight.
Your gloves was brimmed with wine,
without a sigh you left to cross the confine,
I will keep on waiting in earth’s central line.

I am still counting the days like trine,
I will search for you from Earth to Vine,
I know, someday my love will also shine,
Because, Without you I’m just not fine.
Maybe I should forget you
This is what I should keep on trying.


The days are gone,
Memories are thrown,
Many candles are blown,
What was known is now unknown,
but I’m still searching you like a drone,
Last time what you said was like a throne,
but I still miss your sweet tone,
Maybe I’m in a groan.

I don’t know why your shadow is still holding me,
this is what I never wanted to be,
Are you still tending to see?
remember? I was there on my knee,
wearing a black tee,

 was so amused to see.
Why don’t you set me free?
Remember? We wrote our name on a pine tree,
Maybe that is gone by some spree,
Do you agree?

but, You’re the best thing to me,

 that ever happened with me,
I begged you “Please don’t leave me”
But You flew away like a bee,
Maybe I’m the one you never wanted to be..


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