“I will search for You through a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes until I find You.”

When the breeze whispered your name in my ear,
I wished to hold your hand,
I wished you were here.
I wished to fly to you like a balloon,
To see your smile I can wait countless blue moon,
I want your picture, I want everything of you to capture,
Even I can fall to my knees to bring on the rapture.

You know I’m all yours,
Like when it rains, it pours,
Stay thirsty like before,
I can’t stay away from you any night more,
Will you walk with me to the shore?
You can make me shatter, you can make me tear.
Maybe you don’t know, but I got nothing fancy to prove you that.
But I will take you everywhere with my flying boat,
To make you smile I can sing from my heart to my shaken throat.
I will grab your hand to dance,
Maybe I won’t be perfect! But will you be there till my last chance?

I want to take you on a date to spend the whole day,
Not just the Valentine’s Day but every pleasant day,
Especially every sweet birthday 🙂
With you every day will be special with your tenderness,
Because you’re the angel and the only princess,
But I can’t find the perfect rose,
Because I want to shout it loud,
I want to let the whole world know that you’re prettier than any other rose.

I will build one house for you, up above on the mountain,
So that I can see you so certain,
You’re the reason behind my smile that’s all I have known,
From centuries to the decades,
I will be there with you alive or dead!
If so, then don’t be afraid,
Because you used to be my only hope in the darkest shade.

I’m still there waiting for you, under the cherry tree,
Maybe I’m not your priority, do you want me to see?
They said your love is anaemic, and I can’t believe,
Maybe it’s someone’s curse that you can’t see, but it’s coming for me.
But if it’s your worst nightmare,

Just remember my name, I will be there 🙂

P.S. – For Boncha Nak 😀 :* 


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