Calling your name, from a distance,

But you are not here to listen,

I’m so old in this ‘Missing Game’,

All I ever wanted to hold your hand,

Take you to the paradise that I want,

I missed your name, I missed you so,

You never trusted, but I promised, “I’ll follow wherever you go.”

But don’t push me back from you now,

Because I dreamed to take the vow

With you girl.

All I want is to see you now,

Touch your fingers,

Tell you that I love everything about you,

Girl I love you.

And I don’t know why!

Maybe because I have seen my future in your eyes,

Or maybe because love can happen anyplace and anyhow,

If this is the moment I have to regret,

Then I want it for you every day.

Maybe I am now lost in your priorities,

Show some affection,

Feed my insecurities.

I never got the perfect words for you,

I never got the chance to tell you,

Tell you how much I need you,

Tell you that you’re beautiful,

And that is true,

Maybe you never believed me,

Maybe because my words were lame!

I told you sorry, with all my shame.

Please give me another chance,

Another chance to tell you that

You’re the one, one beautiful girl,

I never saw someone like you in this world,

Your puppy eyes sparkle like the gold,

You’re the one I want to dream about,

Maybe that’s all remain all untold.


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