Wish to be Yours

When you don’t look like the way used to do before,

I can fall in love for you even more,

And that is pure,

Because you’re the angel, oh! That I’m sure.

I was whistled your name,

When there was no one on the train,

I wished to hold your hand,

When I was walking in that usual lane,

I wished to see you in every milestone I reach for.

I wished to smell your hair like before,

I wished to smell the smell of yours,

I believed something was not right,

I believed something was wrong,

But does it takes some words to tell

To tell someone that you love?

Does it take all night to dream,

About what you have become?

I never knew the way to tell you,

I never have that word for you,

But I wrote many letters to you,

But I wonder they are still flying in the oblivion,

I wonder what if it is just a mistake.

But they said “You should utilize the chances you get.”

Why should I say I love you?

When every moment I felt my need is only you,

Why should I bring the perfect roses for you?

When the worlds beautiful rose is you.

Why should I be on my knees?

When I have my own world in you.

I never believed something like this ever will happen,

When you’re not near I feel like broken,

Just like the north wind made my soul shaken,

Girl! For you my heart was taken.

But you said if you dare come little closer.

But I never realized that I was that close,

Right behind the edge,

I don’t feel scared, everything is strange,

I have lost many closed one,

In this life, in this game,

Sometimes I forget to recall their name,

Maybe I never loved them the same,

Who cares? If you don’t,

I was losing my breath, maybe it was just my tone,

I stopped myself to hold you,

Because I realized you were never mine,

Because I never proposed to you,

Said that I love you, you’re my another heart

You’re my queen, you’re my Devine,

Girl all I ever wanted is you to be mine,

May be forever, but if it sounds less to you?

Then a light year unless you see the lights of mine.


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