The Gravestone

Have you ever got that feeling that your life is a mess and you want to die just because you want to die! Eh? But you have never realized about the past, about the person they are not anymore with you now I mean they are gone! They are the dead. Umm. I have a thought about this I have realized that after a death the person is not finished with their boundaries of the grave, they are all with us, with our brain, maybe because you never loved them as they were capable of loving you back, as a poet (an idiot writer) I thought all the poet who died they are buried with all the papers, just a white a paper? No, but the unfinished poem written for someone. As they have thought they might will come to their gravestone and will read all those yellow pages, but they will not be able to see them, but their soul will feel that warmth, the caring of the love, the passionate wish will come to an end. Unless they are all the blessings of the stars, they will be with you, with your tears and your joy, but you will never be that fortunate to feel them.

I have crossed many gravestones,

But nothing was colder than her heart,

Everything was gone, but the midnight sky.

I asked “Why you are still here.”

The sky replied “I promised the star that I will keep holding her.”


I thought I am not the one to cross the roads, alone

I thought about her, I thought about her smile,

Something was fading, something in deep,

Then I realised I forgot the red rose,

I got the white one for her gravestone,

I thought she will wake up from her hibernation,

I thought she will hold my hand,

And ask me to take her home, the house we made

The promise we made, to be together for you

It will be forever, because of that feeling

I got the feelings from the moon,

Because the first time I saw your face,

The moon came closer to whisper in my ear,

“Don’t let her go, she is the one.”

I got the power from your heart,

Unless mine was hidden with the bloods.


I remember the last thing you said,

Don’t love me anymore,

But I am a coward of loving someone else,

Because I don’t want to get hurt anymore,

Hey, I am here, can you hear me,

I cried on her gravestone,

But there was no one to hear my brittle voice,

Unless there was a crow, maybe he was like,

Maybe I am that lone heart,

To love you I never needed a reason,

Because you are that one good reason.

You are my one lost-heart.


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