With or Without YOU

This time I will die,
This time? I mean the time
When I will tend to lose you.
You, the happiness of my smile,
The lingering rays of the sun,
The breeze of the cool moonlight.
But I will never forget,
To look back for a last sight
Of your face. The other world!
I never understood this,
If it’s possible to make it without you,
I never imagined waking up another morning
But, not for you.
I never saw any dream which is not for you,
Rather, you are my only dream,
Will you run away? Stepping into the last train?
But there will be no warmth left inside my vein,
Will you lose hope on me?
But for me, you are the only Devine,
This love I will never swallow,
I will do anything to follow
You, the only wish of my life.
I wish to take my vow with you,
I can be on my knees for you,
I dreamt to marry you,
Live the world with you,
I promise to learn every language of your emotions,
I wish to be the only smile on your lips,
I wish to be the one for you.


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