“The god I trusted I realized was playing games with me.” Why so? Years ago I listened to everyone, they told me that if god has decided to let that happen, there must be a good reason. But I never realized what if? What if that’s a dream of the reality? Or it’s to feel good? I thought maybe like this is all just a dream, I will be happy, real happy, but for that I have to wait. But how long? I never thought this would be the longer, or rather I was always hallucinating about the fact love, or maybe I was always unknown about the fact love?

On a bright morning I saw one girl, rather the most beautiful girl I can ever imagine. But like it is now it was not before. Before? I mean when I saw her, I was happy just to have that chance, daily! After some daily days it becomes my routine, a single routine to make one excuse to see her for once. Then maybe god took a step and let that happen, love? Maybe! Whatever it was, I was so happy that I was never before. I started waiting the whole night, for the next morning, just to talk to her, I still wish to start my day with her simple “Good Morning!” text. When I talk to her I never wondered why times fly. Or maybe I never wanted this moment to end. I was the one lucky person, according to me obviously. I changed my lifestyle, life I want to be more perfect now, but now, sometimes I think is this like am I hiding my imperfection in the perfect way? Maybe I was that clever, but I was not wrong about the fact love, that hell lot a feeling for her, now she has that power, power to turn my mood, down to up! Like I was saying, I never was sure about anything but there is an inner voice that kept me saying she is the one, don’t give up now. Maybe it was the god? Who was teasing my feelings? Ah! You clever son of Jesus! I am a fool, that fool who will never leave you alone, but she never imagined that, I was that imperfect person to love her, in a perfect way or rather unconditionally. But I am happy to be that fool, I am skipping my heart beat every time I saw her managing her hair behind her ears, I am that fool to find a new way every moment just to fall for her, I am that one who was aware of the fact love. But how long? I have to suffer? God you are really clever, that you put a lot of love in my heart, but no such return in my luck. Why don’t you give up on me? As I never thought of cheating, was something wrong with my prayer? But you never heard it I guess! I was always whispering her name through my breath because I love her.

I asked her, will you wait?

She said “you wait for the person you love.”

I said nothing.

Maybe because I am a fool or maybe

I had nothing.

She was always unaware of the fact

That I love, I love her each single glance,

I love her twinkling eyes,

She was unaware, but why she is still now?

I never said nothing but some stupid things,

Maybe that’s why she never trusted,

She was a little broken a little scared,

But I am always here to lend my hand,

She never felt that I guess!

Like the perfume of her hair,

Was always with her, I love her smell.

Like the lips, you will never want to let them be together,

Because you never saw her in that way, her smile.

I was always attracted with her nose,

Told you! I am the stupid one!

Like I made many promises, like the vow of love,

But at last I will be there,

Standing, waiting for you to come,

Maybe in the road of the boulevard,

You can feel that love, you can hear my breath,

If you just start listening to your heart,

I believe your heart will never forget my name, my love

Because I will be with you always, to fill it with love.

I will be the one not to give up on you,

If you still turn your face from my shadow,

I will be there like the vigilante of love,

I will be there to protect you,

I will be there to listen to you,

Your every complain and everything,

I will be there to be your strength,

I will be there to prove wrong to everyone’s lie,

I will be there to dream about you, the future with you,

I will be there to write songs for you,

I will be there to keep you away from sobbing,

I will be there to love you no less, but more each day

Each moment I am living,

I will be there just for you,

I will be there just to love you.


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