Have you ever thought that the person you love has got a perfume, a different smell? Let’s say that the person you love is the only one you really know in case your love is that true, you know she got a smell, a different perfume, which can’t be solicited to be forbidden! That smell of her skin that you breathe will know when she is around, your love, she is here with you like the way you needed, and maybe she is the most beautiful girl for you because I got mine! She is the most amazing girl I have ever wanted to know, my Bubu. Yes! I know her smell, no fancy perfume, but the smell of her skin, the smell of her beauty, the smell of love, the smell of her breath, just the smell.

I want to cradle you with all my love that I got for you, and will never let you go. Because I can’t imagine waking up, not for you. Like every time you are around, I want to gaze into your eyes, want to hold your hand, and want to run from all the miseries, no one but us, your perfume and a lot of love! Maybe it is just a dream to have you, but you know, every dream is not just a dream because it is telling us indirectly what going to happen, if you don’t stop chasing our dream, living our dream. You know one funny thing? I never had such dreams, unless I met you, or maybe you found when nobody was there to see me, why shouldn’t I love you? When I know you are my future, I mean I can only imagine it with you. Like you said, every fairytale is not just a story, such love also happen, will happen in between our soul, that true love, you will ever need to have, to feel that you are safe in my arms. Like I can wait many sleepless nights just to see you, just to let my breath know that you are with me. Someone said that,  “You meet thousands of people, and none of them really mean anything to you. And then you meet one person, and your life is changed forever.”   And yes, you changed me as well, maybe the love you got for me that changed me, and I am crazily, stupidly, passionately, dedicatedly, insanely in love with you.

Let me gaze into your eyes,

Just to let you know what you mean to me,

Let me hear your breath,

You will know what I feel for you,

Every stupid thing I do, I do it for you,

Like you are my rose, I will be the throne,

I will do anything with you, but not alone.


I remember the first time we met,

Like it was my first eclipse,

Maybe I was in love with the moment,

The moment you were near,

Maybe heaven got the plan for us,

Maybe I was losing my nerve,

Thought it was being cut by the paper blade.


I promise you to love you more than anything else,

More than you smell,

Every breath you take, There is a warmth,

Every single smile you make, I want to be the only reason,

Every time you are sad and willing to make your eyes wet,

Just remember that this idiot loves you more than anything else,

Maybe I am not the perfect as your expectation,

But I will be the best for your emotion.


Every time I see you,

I fall in love with you!

Every time I think about you,

I find a new reason to love you,

Can’t you see?

You belong to me.


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  1. John · March 22, 2015



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