The Letter


The princess I have ever known,

You remember what I said last time? I asked you in brittle voice, why don’t you give me another chance to prove that my love is pure and every rumours is just trying to put us separate. But you never listened to me, maybe something was wrong, but you never realized the fact that love is possible in every wrong place and in every wrong time. I have always wished to love someone with all of my heart and only wished to love me in return, love me today don’t leave me tomorrow. But things always don’t work the way it should be, I know I have fallen for you and I will never recover. But I have always trusted one theory! That is, true love is ain’t easy and easy love is ain’t true. Because I know it is you, because you complete me and I don’t want you to be leaving even though I give you reasons.

It is true that you filled my life with all maybe some of your sweetness, but for that reason I can’t even replace those times, once which I spent with you. You made all my broken pieces fixed, but don’t leave me hanging, you don’t know what possible worst misery can ever happen with me. Love is also about attraction, but the only inner attraction, because there are many who can be prettier thanyou, but for one person you are the prettiest girl like you are for me. Even though you got the scars, it will be the beauty mark because even the moon got scars but still we wait to see her. Like I wait to see you every morning after waiting the whole night, some acts not just for showing it is just for feeling, feeling the love can be in small things, letting your heart know that the love which it was waiting for finally showed up with all its charm. But you know it is a shame of being beautiful inside but not outside. So you choose the person by their inner beauty, like I thought when I saw you, when I started knowing you. That time I was away from every negative thought and never cared what people said, but somehow they are getting what they ever wanted to, but I am not the one to sacrifice everything, maybe I did many little to big sacrifices for you but I won’t sacrifice you. You are my only weakness, you are my strength, you are my reason, you are my every poem, you are my breath, your smell is the reason of my breath, maybe that glance of air kept your hand busy just because every time you managed your hair but that was one of the best moment, looking at you, a little smile on your lips, talking slowly but in a continuous way, and which made me smile. Made me a fool to love your every little thing, maybe that was not just an attraction, to believe everything you said, maybe that was a lie but I never thought second time, maybe I am that weak, but how can I be strong without you when you used to be my only strength among the throng of two faced people. Is that so much desperate to think that one person is your everything! Maybe not, that is why I thought doing every little thing will make you believe that I am the one, who will never make you cry the one who will never leave you even when your shadow will leave you. The one to love you unconditionally maybe from a distance if you don’t want me to disturb you! But what else I can do to control myself to see you, those old texts when you are not here, you are not texting, remembering those song which you sang for me hurts, remembering each thing hurts when we are not doing or trying new things. Worrying if you reached home safely when you stop caring what I still do. Maybe I am not worth of many things, yes that is obvious because everything is not meant for me, I don’t know but wish one fine morning everything will be just more than fine like it used to be, maybe this is hardest downs of my life, but I am not scared! Because from the beginning I believed that we are meant to be, you are mine. Maybe I am stupid, but I have been always sure about you, because I know that you know I can do anything to make you smile and I am yours only medicine. How can I forget your voice when it is all in my mind, you are the horror movie freak!

But yes, I told you one lie, I told you I will love you more than those fairy tales, more than those movies we watched. But I never realized I loved you more than that before realizing that this day will come. You know what hurts more? Waiting for you, that same time, thinking and imagining what you are probably doing now. Breaking promises hurts, changing yourself for someone and you can’t get back to the old life hurts, seeing you smiling, but the reason is not me hurts, being weak and your careless smile hurts. Listening to people as they never liked my smile hurts too. What could be tougher than this? Maybe you think that love is not possible, even not in this short span of time but you are dam wrong, like you are at the first time when you trusted all those lies, love is always around you, you need to find it, or rather you need to take another risk, like you took it for me, you started to trust me more than any other boys. Even the moon loves the sun most, but unfortunately they don’t meet usually, they just run one after another just to see each other but when they usually meet the whole galaxy got stunned and that is known as the Eclipse. Every flower loves the light, when they meet the flower bloom from its sleep. Every penguin gift the best stone to their partner, is that attraction too? Love is everywhere, from attraction to the tears, to the tears from the smile, from the smile to the lips, from the lips to the breath, from the breath to the heart, from the heart to the blood. It was and it will be everywhere. You just need to stop to seeing people as you are, you see them as they are. You don’t break their trust as yours is broken, you don’t play around with them as your heart got broken. Because once I promised all of my love is capable of making you fall in love all over again and again. You just need to start believing that yes I can. And I will do that because I will know that yes, you trust me.

With love,

The boy who loves you.

“Beauty lies behind the heart,

Promises hide behind going apart.”


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