Lost Star

We all know what a lost star is, maybe it is something who has become this now for someone. Like me! Like I never realized what I am now, I never realized when you did leave me, I never realized every dream is just a new way to make me fool. Like you don’t look at me, but I am always searching for your eyes, I am the one who will always be there for you even when your shadow will choose to leave you in the dark. I will not hide in the dazzle of the sun, I will be there looking at you wishing to see you smiling just thinking about the stupid stuffs I did for you to make you smile. I wonder if you will still turn back once more just to see me, I wonder if you will be there asking to take care of your broken heart silently, but it was always unspoken! Like I always know when you are not okay, when your mood is not just alright, then I asked you, maybe in a wilful way to do this and that, maybe you never understand why I did all this! I did every little thing to make you smile, make you happy. But you always got me wrong. Maybe that is why you intended to make me a lost star. I promised that I will wait for you and will never leave you even in my darkest nightmares, then why you left me instead? Was I that worthless of your love and sympathy? I have always lied to my heart that I found the one for whom I waited this long. You don’t have to love me if you can’t pretend anymore, just take back all those times, return my love and my care, my every try, return my tears and my smile which you made. Every now and then I think about happiness and love your face come into my mind, every now and then I think about you I fall for you all over again and again and now I am enough injured that no one is still here to lend their hand to help me get on my feet. Like with those feet I wished to dance together, with you. To take the vow, I wished to write the best poem, but you are going apart, wishing you to stop. But give a light years I will wait, give me another world, I will find you and will hold your hand and will never leave you, but I want you only, to love my every flaws and my mistakes, to there to listen to my silly songs, and my guitar, I don’t want to be needing your love, I just want to be deep in your love.

It’s been said that you can’t put it in a fire,

If the candle is already melted!

Likewise with the heart! You can’t break it,

If it is already broken.

You are the only sweetness of my life,

Grab my hand, I will be there with your every wave and tide,

I will be on my knees saying that I love you,

‘Cause I never found anything like you.

I am always here waiting for you

To realize that I am the one because I need your love.

I can climb many mountains, I can cross many oceans,

Just to be with you.

Like in my first letter I wrote it for you,

I will never forget the fact that I love you,

I will always your long talks,

I will be there, and will always put your sadness away,

I love you that is all my heart wants to stay.



  1. The Drabble · April 8, 2015

    Every dream doesn’t have to make you a fool. Sometimes dreams are just nice…


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