See You Again

It’s been a long day without you, in this lifetime, I never came to know anything like you, and I never thought there could be anything for whom everything will be changed. The best thing that happens to me. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, maybe you forgot, but once I told you that how yours weeding ring going to look like. You bring me here, I don’t know where you will leave me, but I know, like I will fall down and break myself like every rain knows it will hurt to fall down. Like I promised, I will be there. I know I am not perfect, but I wished you to accept me with all my faults because I know I will, we will make everything good, perfect. Maybe you don’t know that your smile gave that strength to fight, I will fight with anyone for you, because I know you are worth of every silly and little things I do. Wherever you go, maybe miles away or maybe half across the world, you will find me there, waiting for you to see your smile because I am not that strong to letting you go. Maybe you deserve someone who is better than me. But if I ever deserved anything truly that is you because no one can ever love you like the way I do, the best thing ever can happen to me is you. Like you told me that I am insecure, maybe I am. I was not, but maybe now, those days changed it, but it was not that enough to change the love I got for you, yes, I am insecure about losing you, I am insecure about waking up in a morning, but not capable of seeing you to smile, rather that would be the last morning I ever wished, yes I see dreams cause I pray to god every day that don’t let her go from me, the one who make me trust that god do exist! Do you remember that day? That first half movie we watched! You were happy, you were happy with me. The whole time when you were with me, I was looking at your eyes, but I saw my whole world in those beautiful eyes, how can you let you go? Everything I do is just to have you by my side, letting know that you are not going anywhere without me, maybe you will never like to see me sad, maybe I wish to see you every now and then like I used to see you, managing your hair in the breeze. I wish to be the greatest friend, the best listener to listen to your voice whatever you say, I wish to take every problem of yours, I wish to be the best lover, to love you with all my breath that I am breathing for you, I want to be the best guide, to be there with you forever, not to let you fall and to always have your back, I wish to be the most trustworthy one, who will never make you cry and will turn your first and last tear to the most beautiful pearl. I will turn every impossibilities to your smile, for you. You hurt me, broke me, I will always wait to see you again with a smile and love from my heart. Maybe it’s a short time, but I have come a long to love you like this. I wish to show you how much I love you, I wish you to know what you are to me, I wish you to know what will happen to me if you are not there to scold me, to care for me, to be possessive for me, I don’t want to let that happen either. I love you the best I have today, I know it is less than tomorrow, but it will be always much more than I loved you yesterday. And if you want to know the reason, do you really want to know? All those reasons are in with you, every time I wait to see you, my eyes search for your eyes only, in those rabble of peoples, I wish you to know how it feels after all those wait and little troubles just to see you for the fraction of seconds, to see your smile. I wish one day you will miss me the way I do, because without you 1 minute is one day to me. Would you take this ride of your life to be with me, to choose the way we will walk together, believing that we will be there with each other? And will you wish to see me again? Like I do wish to see you again, sooner than possible.


One comment

  1. The Drabble · April 8, 2015

    letting go is the most difficult thing.


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