Should I Regret?

I don’t know the fact of regretting after something you do all intentionally or maybe knowing that this may lead to something which you can’t imagine or maybe out of your illustrated dreams. Maybe it is not that much hard to forget someone who used to be the only reason of the existence of your smile, but it is real hard to forget all those times which you spend together or rather the memories. Some people don’t understand the difference between being in love and an excuse to be together! It is like you took a train ticket and you are travelling through a bus, if you can’t understand what is love. Some people love other blindly without knowing the fact “seven billion people, 14 billion faces” if you are lucky you will have that one person who will not turn their second face, with cruelty and no dignity! Because everyone has their two faces, some of them choose to stay like a real angel, real purity, because purity comes from the heart not from the face. Unlike you will be together in the night and in the very next morning you will come to know that they suddenly changed their mind, they choose to pack up from their promises or they are now willing to prove that everything they said was just a lie. If you are pure or maybe the one of your kind you will also see other people the way you are, because you see others the way you want to see them (someone told me that). You don’t always what you always lose, you do regret why you don’t lose it before. Some people are not even worth of your glance! They are not capable of understanding the fact that love do exist, broke me down I will still rise and will never say love don’t exist.

I will take that cab to ride with you,

To take you to the heavens door

As what we promised!

I will manage your hair each time

Those wild wind will try to make it worse or not!

I am not regretful, maybe your eyes was a drug to me

Or maybe the only whisky shot!


I never had that second feeling that you will change your mind,

Maybe because you never thought from your heart!

I have always wanted to make you happy,

I have always wanted us to be together

With every mistake I wanted to have a jump start.

Maybe what you said on your birth day you never meant that,

As much I remember you said “Wish me like the way to make everyone jealous.”

As I have always wanted to celebrate each birthday of yours,

As I have always dreamed our life is to be better than any movies

We watched together, rather I was looking at you so closely.

Now you make your face the worst when you see me,

I don’t understand! That same girl used to smile the sweetest

Whenever I was around her, now she thinks the worst!

Should I regret that I did everything to make you smile?


What should I regret for?

For the fact that I waited a lot just to see you?

Or I loved you the way you never imagined of?

Or rather you don’t deserve that much of attention?

Or lastly, I begged to know what my fault was,

Or should I regret that I only deserve your silly excuses?

I don’t regret that I met you, I don’t regret that it’s me.

I don’t regret what you did to me,

All I know is that I never pretended the way you used to know,

I have always shown you Love, the way I wanted you to show.

All my letters I wrote, all the hours we talked over the phone

I need an answer, to prove myself that I must not regret

For the girl I used to love, or maybe I should regret that

I still love.

“You see other the way you are.”


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