The Roads

Some people chose the road created by others or some people create their own roads or paths! Whatever you call it, it will be same. Whatever you do, you will be the one responsible for any wrong decision. But, have you ever realized that walking or choosing a wrong road or even taking a wrong bus for an unknown road will lead you to discover something new, maybe that will teach you something, maybe that is also the part of your destiny! Funny but most of us don’t think that way! Unless it is too late to realize that “what you have missed was not actually yours and what you give up on was actually yours!”

Yesterday night I was walking on an empty street,

But I was not aware where it will take me,

Somehow I managed to walk with my shaken feet.

The selfish air kept telling me that it is a cold night,

But the ignored snowflakes kept falling on me.


I heard some disembodied voice from the corner of the street,

I started walking fast, with a new hope that music is there.

I see a beggar now, tossing some coin in his hand,

And singing a lullaby, but I see no one around!

I asked him “Are you happy doing this all night alone?”

He replied “Happiness is in your vision my son,

It is how you see it, how you feel it.”

I understood what he was trying to say,

Maybe he knew it that I will come to him,

But I had nothing to give him so I left him alone.


I took leave and found a new road and some fireflies,

Maybe they were showing me new roads,

I thought lets chase them, I will follow wherever it takes!

I see the moon was hiding beneath the clouds,

But I don’t my shadow, maybe he is too tired to follow me!

But the moment I was about to sit under that old tree,

I heard some whistles running towards me,

I kept going to know the happiness behind that whistle,

I see a bird now, tired, but searching for something!

I asked him “Are you happy that you’re whistling?”

He replied with a sigh, “My son left me alone,

This is the way we used to play, maybe after hearing this

He will come back to me, maybe I am happy because

Someday I won’t be alone again.”

After telling this he flew away, maybe I will never see him again.


I kept walking after knowing what hope is,

But it lies with the happiness, maybe it is incomplete without it!

Wait! Is someone calling my name? But I can’t see you!

“The roads end here, come to me, I am here.”

But I see myself, are you a mirror?

“You see what you want, you want it to be.”

What do you mean? Stop playing riddles with me!

“Look into your eyes, do you see any wound?”


“Because you’re seeing only your eyes,

Not the tears falling apart from it!

Screaming inside to stop it, stop hurting!

Maybe because your eyes have forgotten the sweetness of a dream,

Stop searching happiness, it is just behind you!”

How do you know all this? You’re just a mirror!

“You can’t hide yourself from you.”

What do you mean? Don’t go without telling me.

“You have miles to go, you have your heart to follow,

Don’t hold yourself, don’t stop here now, and the rest?

You need to know, you will know.”


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