the Neighbor

I am the most ignored one in this earth or maybe I meant to be ignored in this way only, I’m the one who people point out and say smelly or dirty beggar and you might also add another name! Yesterday night when those footsteps faded away I was recalling those names, but suddenly I forgot the last time when I had the fresh food and the clean water, I forgot the moment when I lost everything but not the hope of the life. Maybe the meaning of comfort is different than yours, but we manage to breathe! I remember how I spend my sleepless night counting footsteps, sometime the sound gets nearer to me as a hope that someone will come near to me and will ask how I am doing! But all those sounds will fade away with those cars!

Broken people, broken heart,

Stumbling and choking, but

Still escaping from getting more hurt

Everything is broken, but not the trust!

I will make you wonder, put a gun to my head

I will still make you question about my surrender!

If god is our creator why they will give us such pain?

Will he still dare to look into our eyes?

Will they still say don’t you worry child

Because heavens got a plan for you!

If suffering from hunger is only our strength,

Then I will be strong from beginning to the end.

If you get happiness by calling me smelly or ugly,

Do that more often! At least I’m doing the charity.

I’m a human being, if you don’t like me

I will be gone by the morning,

From one street to the other,

Begging for food and some water.

Will you recognize me?

I used to be your Neighbor!


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