Never Give Up

I don’t know where to start, or what if I start up with a wrong point and been wrong from the beginning I lose your interest? I don’t know what is this to be exactly, but I am still doing this, many of thinks that as it is that whatever I write is not perfect or you may say not even near to the word good, but I am still writing this because I love to write and I don’t get paid for it but I do it, and not for any fame as it is not good how it can be? But as the title says I didn’t just give up, I didn’t give up what I love to do! Unless if you want to regret in future then please give up everything! Give up your dream give up on the person you chose to love, as you claimed! Whatever it is, just don’t give up on your dream, you know it is hard, but as long as it is in your mind, then you can follow that dream you can live that dream! Dream big, run for it, fall for it, stand for it, but don’t lose hope from it. Start from zero and make a million of it, trust me when you will feel the success, then you will forget all your tears, all the scars will be gone with the happiness! It is a hard way to get the success, but as long as you are in it you will have it, but if it seems to be easier, then it is just an illusion which can get vanished any time with a gust. Live your life, learn from your mistake, learn to love! There will be many people to bully you, they will tell you how bad you look, how short or tall you are, or even how fat or thin you are, going to tell you how bad your hair looks but why listen to them? Why you fear that you will live your life all alone? Learn to see the good in bad not the bad into good, try to find that good soul instead of that good face try to find that person who will accept you with all your flaws and will chose to love you unconditionally, stop finding that good body so that you don’t have to fear about living alone, breaking up your heart.

Never give up on everything if it is worth for all the troubles, before letting it go, just remember all the reasons you held on for so long. Giving up is easy then holding it on just hope that it is like the other night and the morning will rise with all new hopes! Maybe it is not your time, but it would be just after some more effort, who knows just keep digging for the happiness because when you see it in your face you will forget every sleepless night, all the struggle and every misery. This may sound too much, but the world is not a fair place, you may question why you are the one to go through with all this, but to have something you have to lose something, this is the ugly truth, accept it and move on, find a reason to be happy, chase the happiness and stick with that reason forever.

when the road you’re walking seems all uphill,

when everything related to you is getting wrong and maybe it will,

when the money you have is gone, but the lend is getting high,

when you want to be happy again, but you’re about to cry,

when dreams are getting shattered and you’re losing hope,

when you’re the one who is holding the rope,

don’t you give up.

Don’t change yourself to become someone’s perfect,

Be with the one who knows that you’re imperfect.

Don’t lose hope because you’re the only one,

Who can overcome any situation.

If the light you’re following is getting low,

Don’t lose hope because you’ll succeed with another glow.

Maybe it seems like all the dreams are getting farther away,

You could have it if you planned to stay,

Maybe the wind makes you feel cold and alone,

When praying can’t help, the only thing you can do is to stay strong.

When everything seems wrong, just listen to your heart,

Don’t lose hope because to get success you have to walk all alone.

Success is just the failure turned inside out,

Those diversions of the roads are just to make you doubt.

You can’t never tell how close you are,

It may seem far, but it was always there.

So keep punching your problem with your hardest punch,

Because what it returns makes you stronger,

Do anything to light up that fire, But don’t just give up.


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