Page No. 365

Beep-beep! Happy New Year text from an unknown number! A quick google search told him that it is the text from the girl with whom he used to dream his future, what to do, he was thinking! He typed “Happy Ne” and he erased it he threw his phone away with anger or maybe that one text made him sad. He was sitting in a corner and some thoughts were flying through his head, suddenly he saw one diary calling him to put his hand over it he took it out from the bookshelf. Some pages are not the same the way he remembered it, it’s been a long time some letters were not readable at all but from begging to the end one thing was the same that is everything was written about her from the first page to the last he was in love with her through his journey at least the pages are the proof! With a shaky hand and wet eyes, he was reading the way he used to love her, maybe he still does, the diary was like yelling into his ears and telling see how blind you used to be, how mad you used to be but he smiled and whispered I love her no matter she stays far. He remembered their first dates and the first kiss, maybe it was awkward, but it was something magical. Suddenly all the pages of remembrance came to an end, there was a letter stapled to that page he opened it and it’s from her, apart from everything he saw only one line “We cannot be together, I loved you if you did that to then please forget me.” It was the 364th page. Then he took the pen and started to write something

Page 365: December 31, 2015

No stupid message can change the way how I feel,

I remember what you used to say,

is maybe illusion or unreal?

You will never know how I’m feeling now.


I put my expectation a way high,

I thought you’ll never lie,

Now you left me to cry?

After all those days you made me stubborn

To ask you why!


Like the dark sky have the brightest stars,

Like our love got so far,

Like the way I thought you meant “I love you.”

For a moment I thought you cared,

You have the same feelings that I have shared.


Like a moon our story also has scars,

Like  your lips with a beautiful smile have always lied

After all those you went so far,

I tend to forget you, at least I tried.


If you look at me, I will fake a smile,

I will say I am fine,

I will pretend to be happy for a while,

Look into my eyes, they are crying.


You make me feel like a fool,

But I can’t stop loving you,

Tell me what else I can do?

Maybe love these days are old school.


You are the one who broke me into pieces,

You made my heart break

Which turned my life into a mess,

Like every movie your love also ceases!


After all the trouble I manage to alive,

but You reminded me in every love song,

Made me feel how much was I wrong,

Because I won’t get back the time how much I strive.


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