That Girl

Part 1

That day I saw one girl, more like noticing someone for the first time with that interest, I mean I am not used to it, used to staring at someone for more than 2 seconds! Anyway, so she! I don’t even know her name but she was the one for whom I lost myself that day, said Aryan with a single breath! He is not a good storyteller as anyone will not conflict that the way how he started telling what happened with him and how he got blood-filled hands.

“Wo man! Slow down a bit!” I interrupted him and offered him a glass of water, he finished that in one sip and as he continued, I noticed his hands were shaking maybe his whole body, he took a long breath and said

“You are the one whom I’m going to tell what I was through these days.”

“What do you mean ‘these days’? Please, do not hesitate Aryan! We are best friends, remember?” I stared at him.

“Okay, I am sorry, now stop giving me that look man! Can I tell you now?” he answered with a loud pitch!

“Yes, obviously!”

(oh yes, I know Aryan from childhood, and sadly because of college we got separated but we managed to stay in contact and off course best friend. Though he is very short-tempered!)

“So this is how it get started!” He continued, “It was probably a Tuesday afternoon, as I was returning from my college, I saw someone who was walking towards me, there was a huge crowd, but I noticed her face only, she was wearing one ethnic outfit which was red in color. I noticed how her hair was waiving, I noticed how pretty her eyes are, I noticed how her lips smiled while she was talking with her friend, and I wondered how someone can be that beautiful! As I was thinking about her and she walked away and left her smell in the air which was running behind her. And someone yelled ‘Hey Anandi! Wait for me.’ So her name is Anandi!”

I noticed how he smiled when he uttered her name!

He took a quick glance at me and carried on with his proceedings. “You know what is the craziest thing I did the next day? I searched the entire locker section to find her locker and there were about five hundred lockers and among them twenty-one was labeled as Anandi! Which was a bummer for me unless there was an ID picture above the name of each locker and hopefully I can find her picture. Some students were staring at me like if I have forgotten my locker or not! But, who cares! Because for now I know her name, class and her locker obviously, which was a short achievement for me! That day I went home and thought what to do and how could I approach her and then I came out from that confusing world of thinking and finally I made a plan about writing a letter and also somehow I’ll put it into her locker.”

Aryan took out one paper from the right chest pocket of his leather jacket and handed it to me, it was yellow in color and his astonishingly beautiful hand writing. I started reading it, it was something like:


Dear Anandi,

I am writing this letter because I don’t have that much guts to come to you and say hello, but here I am on the other side of this letter I am telling you hello. People like me are called shy by other people, but I will like to be called as an admirer because I admire everything about you. You might not know I have noticed you many times blowing air from your mouth to put those hairs away from your forehead, but I never come to you to say you have a beautiful hair. I have seen your giggles many times, but never come by to you to say everything will stop for a while whenever you will smile. I remember when for the first time our eyes met, I will never forget those dark brown puppy eyes, but that time my eyes were clearly telling you that! Maybe you never noticed that, or me. But that is obvious, so sorry if these lines are awkward for you to read. But this is probably the only best way for me to tell you all this. Have you ever thought it that way like everything is destiny, everything we do? If yes, then it was my destiny, to fall for you. I have never seen someone like you, from that moment I have started dreaming to be with you. I would be glad to know if this letter finds you, because I am a fool for you!

          I don’t know how to end this because I know this is not the end but just the beginning!

Yours Aryan


I took my eyes off from the letter to look at him. But when I gazed my eyes at him then he cleared his throat and asked me “How is it?”

“I never knew that you are a romantic guy, Aryan!” my teasing will never end, I know!


He gave a half-smile and continued, the next day I went to the locker and made my mind that I will put it in, but as soon as I turned back I collided with her face and the disaster happened! She fell down and her notebooks as well. And I started panicking because holy lord! She is in front of me!

“I am so sorry; I didn’t see you were there standing behind me!” that’s the best I got? I asked myself and being tensed I lend my hand to help her get up.

“Not your fault, but you should not be so much in a hurry! Aryan”

What? How she knows my name! “How you know my name, I never talked to you.” I asked to clear my doubts, at this point I started freaking out!

“You are the one who owned the prize for science project last year, right?” She asked me with a smile.

“Yes, indeed! Now I know, but you remembered! But also I know that your name is Anandi and how I know will remain secret for now!” I am so stupid, shit! I murmured.

She laughed and said “No big deal Mr. Aryan, and of course someday I will reveal your secret!”

I smiled and I insisted to collect her things for her.

And being nervous I did the trick, I put my letter in her book when I was getting her notes for her! “It’s all done! Here is your books and notes, I am sorry once again!”

She smiled and said “It is all right, and thank you.”

“You’re welcome! Okay then see you soon! And take care” And I walked away waving goodbye because I was so much nervous because I thought whenever I’ll open my mouth something stupid gonna come out!


I can see the happiness in Aryan’s eyes, but I asked him, why you never told me about her? I mean being your best friend you are telling me know, you idiot.

“I thought this will end before its start, that is why I never disclosed this to you until now!” he sighed.

Okay, fine! Now don’t waste any more time, tell me what happened next?

Part 2


To read Part 2 Click Here



  1. whatmailenthinks · March 27, 2016

    Sound Exciting 🙂 Looking forward on that ..


    • Arpan · March 27, 2016

      thanks! second part is coming soon.


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  4. whatmailenthinks · March 1, 2017

    wheres the part 2 dude ? …


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