That Girl

Part 2

I made a slight mistake, maybe because that letter thing happened on Friday and off course Saturday and Sunday are the mandatory holidays in our college routine, so that means I cannot see her neither her reaction or maybe can’t even talk to her for two days, that means I had to wait with all my anxiety!

So, on Monday I went to college as soon as possible, then I thought I can’t find her this soon so I went to the locker room to get my stuff, but when I turned back I saw her with that letter in her hand.

She handed me the letter and asked me “May I know how I got it in my math book?”

I said “Maybe it belongs to you, that’s why!”

She smiled and continued “Here is the thing, whatever you wrote and the letter is really sweet, but how can I trust you this quick? I know you might be honest with me, but I need some time, I need some time to trust you and most importantly feel you the same way, prove me that you are right whatever you wrote, then I might think about being with you. Try not to prove me wrong!”

“So you are not angry, right?” I asked her to confirm if everything is okay or not!

“Of course not! But I am scared to say yes to everything and we are not even that close as a friend!” right?

“So being a friend I can get your phone number right?” I asked her with a witty smile!

“Give me your phone!” she giggled!

After sharing number, we walked to our classroom, though we are in a different section, so we had to say goodbye! Though I managed to tell her that I will wait for her in the lobby after the college!

That day I tried hard to focus on different lectures, but every time I kept thinking about her, and when I was standing in the lobby after the college searching her face I realized that this thing never happened with me or maybe I will never wait for someone like this in my college lobby again but her! I smiled, thinking that when I will see her I will ask if she missed my silly talk or not, maybe I can ask her to drop her home, but I wondered if that will be too much or not! But when I finally saw her after an hour or so I smiled like I had to and looking into her eyes, I felt like I missed this face for a long time, maybe that was too much, but do all people think the same way when they fall in love or this is just? So keeping my weird world away, I finally moved my lips to say “hey! How was your day?”

“As usual, boring lectures and all! What about yours?” she asked me.

“Waiting to see your face! Um…. I mean waiting for this time, I mean boring lecture so you know I was waiting for it to end. That’s it! I wasn’t waiting here to see you I mean I was! Maybe!” I messed it up! I am such an idiot, shit!

Ha-ha, she laughed and said “I get it! now can we eat something because I am starving!”

So we went to the nearest MacDonald’s and ordered some cold coffee and some burgers! And took one corner table and sat facing each other. And I couldn’t resist myself from looking into her eyes and when she looked at me she smiled as she pushed her fringe back out of her eyes and asked “what? What are you looking at?”

“Oh! Nothing, just your eyes, I mean, how lovely they are! I might sound awkward, but I have never seen I mean, look at how pretty you are but on the other hand there is your eyes! I never guessed that this day can really get real like even yesterday it was a dream to sit with you and can stare at your eyes without any fear of getting caught by your eyes! I have fallen for you, I’m clueless! I don’t know what else I can do except; falling for you each time I think about you!” I can’t believe I said it all by myself!

And then I noticed how she was trying to hide herself from the blushing thing! “But you took a lot of time, I never hated you as you know!” She added.

I don’t know what will be the best answer for that moment, though I was thinking and hoping for an answer to strike my mind, but then the waiter came with our food as my savior! I thanked him before he left our table.

“So now we can finally eat something.” I tried to change the topic.

“Yes, I am starving.” She smiled.

After we finished eating our snacks, it was already a bit later than usual, so I asked her “May I can walk you home?”

She smiled and nodded her head slightly and said “That would be so nice of you.”

Though I was walking with her I remember it took only 7 minutes to reach her home, sad right? I know, I have wished her home to be a bit far from some more blocks away! Sigh!

Here is her house, in a word just beautiful! A small garden and in the entrants there were two dim lanterns which were complimenting the beauty of everything.

I opened my mouth and bang! “So, we reached?” holy lord! again? This was the dumbest line I am sure.

“Yes! So, bye Aryan, have a great night and see you soon.” She smiled and started heading towards the main door.

“Hey Anandi!” I kind of murmured that time I guess.

“Yes, what is it?” she leaned back and asked.

I went to her and I held her hand together and gave a slight kiss and said “I really had a great time today, I wish to spend more time with you each day if you can make it.”

She didn’t say anything but I noticed how she blushed, thanks to those lights. And after a pause, she said “I can’t deny it too!”

I bid her good night and went in the way of my home and I felt a happiness inside and also started feeling drifted away from her! No kidding, I can assure you this is what love feels like! Butterflies in stomach and all!

After a few days this same kind of date stuff after college was like a daily thing, and each day we came closer. Until!

And then Aryan stopped.

That Girl (To read Part 1 Click here.)

Part 3

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