Never Give Up

I don’t know where to start, or what if I start up with a wrong point and been wrong from the beginning I lose your interest? I don’t know what is this to be exactly, but I am still doing this, many of thinks that as it is that whatever I write is not perfect or you may say not even near to the word good, but I am still writing this because I love to write and I don’t get paid for it but I do it, and not for any fame as it is not good how it can be? But as the title says I didn’t just give up, I didn’t give up what I love to do! Unless if you want to regret in future then please give up everything! Give up your dream give up on the person you chose to love, as you claimed! Whatever it is, just don’t give up on your dream, you know it is hard, but as long as it is in your mind, then you can follow that dream you can live that dream! Dream big, run for it, fall for it, stand for it, but don’t lose hope from it. Start from zero and make a million of it, trust me when you will feel the success, then you will forget all your tears, all the scars will be gone with the happiness! It is a hard way to get the success, but as long as you are in it you will have it, but if it seems to be easier, then it is just an illusion which can get vanished any time with a gust. Live your life, learn from your mistake, learn to love! There will be many people to bully you, they will tell you how bad you look, how short or tall you are, or even how fat or thin you are, going to tell you how bad your hair looks but why listen to them? Why you fear that you will live your life all alone? Learn to see the good in bad not the bad into good, try to find that good soul instead of that good face try to find that person who will accept you with all your flaws and will chose to love you unconditionally, stop finding that good body so that you don’t have to fear about living alone, breaking up your heart.

Never give up on everything if it is worth for all the troubles, before letting it go, just remember all the reasons you held on for so long. Giving up is easy then holding it on just hope that it is like the other night and the morning will rise with all new hopes! Maybe it is not your time, but it would be just after some more effort, who knows just keep digging for the happiness because when you see it in your face you will forget every sleepless night, all the struggle and every misery. This may sound too much, but the world is not a fair place, you may question why you are the one to go through with all this, but to have something you have to lose something, this is the ugly truth, accept it and move on, find a reason to be happy, chase the happiness and stick with that reason forever.

when the road you’re walking seems all uphill,

when everything related to you is getting wrong and maybe it will,

when the money you have is gone, but the lend is getting high,

when you want to be happy again, but you’re about to cry,

when dreams are getting shattered and you’re losing hope,

when you’re the one who is holding the rope,

don’t you give up.

Don’t change yourself to become someone’s perfect,

Be with the one who knows that you’re imperfect.

Don’t lose hope because you’re the only one,

Who can overcome any situation.

If the light you’re following is getting low,

Don’t lose hope because you’ll succeed with another glow.

Maybe it seems like all the dreams are getting farther away,

You could have it if you planned to stay,

Maybe the wind makes you feel cold and alone,

When praying can’t help, the only thing you can do is to stay strong.

When everything seems wrong, just listen to your heart,

Don’t lose hope because to get success you have to walk all alone.

Success is just the failure turned inside out,

Those diversions of the roads are just to make you doubt.

You can’t never tell how close you are,

It may seem far, but it was always there.

So keep punching your problem with your hardest punch,

Because what it returns makes you stronger,

Do anything to light up that fire, But don’t just give up.

the Neighbor

I am the most ignored one in this earth or maybe I meant to be ignored in this way only, I’m the one who people point out and say smelly or dirty beggar and you might also add another name! Yesterday night when those footsteps faded away I was recalling those names, but suddenly I forgot the last time when I had the fresh food and the clean water, I forgot the moment when I lost everything but not the hope of the life. Maybe the meaning of comfort is different than yours, but we manage to breathe! I remember how I spend my sleepless night counting footsteps, sometime the sound gets nearer to me as a hope that someone will come near to me and will ask how I am doing! But all those sounds will fade away with those cars!

Broken people, broken heart,

Stumbling and choking, but

Still escaping from getting more hurt

Everything is broken, but not the trust!

I will make you wonder, put a gun to my head

I will still make you question about my surrender!

If god is our creator why they will give us such pain?

Will he still dare to look into our eyes?

Will they still say don’t you worry child

Because heavens got a plan for you!

If suffering from hunger is only our strength,

Then I will be strong from beginning to the end.

If you get happiness by calling me smelly or ugly,

Do that more often! At least I’m doing the charity.

I’m a human being, if you don’t like me

I will be gone by the morning,

From one street to the other,

Begging for food and some water.

Will you recognize me?

I used to be your Neighbor!

The Roads

Some people chose the road created by others or some people create their own roads or paths! Whatever you call it, it will be same. Whatever you do, you will be the one responsible for any wrong decision. But, have you ever realized that walking or choosing a wrong road or even taking a wrong bus for an unknown road will lead you to discover something new, maybe that will teach you something, maybe that is also the part of your destiny! Funny but most of us don’t think that way! Unless it is too late to realize that “what you have missed was not actually yours and what you give up on was actually yours!”

Yesterday night I was walking on an empty street,

But I was not aware where it will take me,

Somehow I managed to walk with my shaken feet.

The selfish air kept telling me that it is a cold night,

But the ignored snowflakes kept falling on me.


I heard some disembodied voice from the corner of the street,

I started walking fast, with a new hope that music is there.

I see a beggar now, tossing some coin in his hand,

And singing a lullaby, but I see no one around!

I asked him “Are you happy doing this all night alone?”

He replied “Happiness is in your vision my son,

It is how you see it, how you feel it.”

I understood what he was trying to say,

Maybe he knew it that I will come to him,

But I had nothing to give him so I left him alone.


I took leave and found a new road and some fireflies,

Maybe they were showing me new roads,

I thought lets chase them, I will follow wherever it takes!

I see the moon was hiding beneath the clouds,

But I don’t my shadow, maybe he is too tired to follow me!

But the moment I was about to sit under that old tree,

I heard some whistles running towards me,

I kept going to know the happiness behind that whistle,

I see a bird now, tired, but searching for something!

I asked him “Are you happy that you’re whistling?”

He replied with a sigh, “My son left me alone,

This is the way we used to play, maybe after hearing this

He will come back to me, maybe I am happy because

Someday I won’t be alone again.”

After telling this he flew away, maybe I will never see him again.


I kept walking after knowing what hope is,

But it lies with the happiness, maybe it is incomplete without it!

Wait! Is someone calling my name? But I can’t see you!

“The roads end here, come to me, I am here.”

But I see myself, are you a mirror?

“You see what you want, you want it to be.”

What do you mean? Stop playing riddles with me!

“Look into your eyes, do you see any wound?”


“Because you’re seeing only your eyes,

Not the tears falling apart from it!

Screaming inside to stop it, stop hurting!

Maybe because your eyes have forgotten the sweetness of a dream,

Stop searching happiness, it is just behind you!”

How do you know all this? You’re just a mirror!

“You can’t hide yourself from you.”

What do you mean? Don’t go without telling me.

“You have miles to go, you have your heart to follow,

Don’t hold yourself, don’t stop here now, and the rest?

You need to know, you will know.”

Should I Regret?

I don’t know the fact of regretting after something you do all intentionally or maybe knowing that this may lead to something which you can’t imagine or maybe out of your illustrated dreams. Maybe it is not that much hard to forget someone who used to be the only reason of the existence of your smile, but it is real hard to forget all those times which you spend together or rather the memories. Some people don’t understand the difference between being in love and an excuse to be together! It is like you took a train ticket and you are travelling through a bus, if you can’t understand what is love. Some people love other blindly without knowing the fact “seven billion people, 14 billion faces” if you are lucky you will have that one person who will not turn their second face, with cruelty and no dignity! Because everyone has their two faces, some of them choose to stay like a real angel, real purity, because purity comes from the heart not from the face. Unlike you will be together in the night and in the very next morning you will come to know that they suddenly changed their mind, they choose to pack up from their promises or they are now willing to prove that everything they said was just a lie. If you are pure or maybe the one of your kind you will also see other people the way you are, because you see others the way you want to see them (someone told me that). You don’t always what you always lose, you do regret why you don’t lose it before. Some people are not even worth of your glance! They are not capable of understanding the fact that love do exist, broke me down I will still rise and will never say love don’t exist.

I will take that cab to ride with you,

To take you to the heavens door

As what we promised!

I will manage your hair each time

Those wild wind will try to make it worse or not!

I am not regretful, maybe your eyes was a drug to me

Or maybe the only whisky shot!


I never had that second feeling that you will change your mind,

Maybe because you never thought from your heart!

I have always wanted to make you happy,

I have always wanted us to be together

With every mistake I wanted to have a jump start.

Maybe what you said on your birth day you never meant that,

As much I remember you said “Wish me like the way to make everyone jealous.”

As I have always wanted to celebrate each birthday of yours,

As I have always dreamed our life is to be better than any movies

We watched together, rather I was looking at you so closely.

Now you make your face the worst when you see me,

I don’t understand! That same girl used to smile the sweetest

Whenever I was around her, now she thinks the worst!

Should I regret that I did everything to make you smile?


What should I regret for?

For the fact that I waited a lot just to see you?

Or I loved you the way you never imagined of?

Or rather you don’t deserve that much of attention?

Or lastly, I begged to know what my fault was,

Or should I regret that I only deserve your silly excuses?

I don’t regret that I met you, I don’t regret that it’s me.

I don’t regret what you did to me,

All I know is that I never pretended the way you used to know,

I have always shown you Love, the way I wanted you to show.

All my letters I wrote, all the hours we talked over the phone

I need an answer, to prove myself that I must not regret

For the girl I used to love, or maybe I should regret that

I still love.

“You see other the way you are.”

See You Again

It’s been a long day without you, in this lifetime, I never came to know anything like you, and I never thought there could be anything for whom everything will be changed. The best thing that happens to me. I don’t know what’s going to happen next, maybe you forgot, but once I told you that how yours weeding ring going to look like. You bring me here, I don’t know where you will leave me, but I know, like I will fall down and break myself like every rain knows it will hurt to fall down. Like I promised, I will be there. I know I am not perfect, but I wished you to accept me with all my faults because I know I will, we will make everything good, perfect. Maybe you don’t know that your smile gave that strength to fight, I will fight with anyone for you, because I know you are worth of every silly and little things I do. Wherever you go, maybe miles away or maybe half across the world, you will find me there, waiting for you to see your smile because I am not that strong to letting you go. Maybe you deserve someone who is better than me. But if I ever deserved anything truly that is you because no one can ever love you like the way I do, the best thing ever can happen to me is you. Like you told me that I am insecure, maybe I am. I was not, but maybe now, those days changed it, but it was not that enough to change the love I got for you, yes, I am insecure about losing you, I am insecure about waking up in a morning, but not capable of seeing you to smile, rather that would be the last morning I ever wished, yes I see dreams cause I pray to god every day that don’t let her go from me, the one who make me trust that god do exist! Do you remember that day? That first half movie we watched! You were happy, you were happy with me. The whole time when you were with me, I was looking at your eyes, but I saw my whole world in those beautiful eyes, how can you let you go? Everything I do is just to have you by my side, letting know that you are not going anywhere without me, maybe you will never like to see me sad, maybe I wish to see you every now and then like I used to see you, managing your hair in the breeze. I wish to be the greatest friend, the best listener to listen to your voice whatever you say, I wish to take every problem of yours, I wish to be the best lover, to love you with all my breath that I am breathing for you, I want to be the best guide, to be there with you forever, not to let you fall and to always have your back, I wish to be the most trustworthy one, who will never make you cry and will turn your first and last tear to the most beautiful pearl. I will turn every impossibilities to your smile, for you. You hurt me, broke me, I will always wait to see you again with a smile and love from my heart. Maybe it’s a short time, but I have come a long to love you like this. I wish to show you how much I love you, I wish you to know what you are to me, I wish you to know what will happen to me if you are not there to scold me, to care for me, to be possessive for me, I don’t want to let that happen either. I love you the best I have today, I know it is less than tomorrow, but it will be always much more than I loved you yesterday. And if you want to know the reason, do you really want to know? All those reasons are in with you, every time I wait to see you, my eyes search for your eyes only, in those rabble of peoples, I wish you to know how it feels after all those wait and little troubles just to see you for the fraction of seconds, to see your smile. I wish one day you will miss me the way I do, because without you 1 minute is one day to me. Would you take this ride of your life to be with me, to choose the way we will walk together, believing that we will be there with each other? And will you wish to see me again? Like I do wish to see you again, sooner than possible.

Lost Star

We all know what a lost star is, maybe it is something who has become this now for someone. Like me! Like I never realized what I am now, I never realized when you did leave me, I never realized every dream is just a new way to make me fool. Like you don’t look at me, but I am always searching for your eyes, I am the one who will always be there for you even when your shadow will choose to leave you in the dark. I will not hide in the dazzle of the sun, I will be there looking at you wishing to see you smiling just thinking about the stupid stuffs I did for you to make you smile. I wonder if you will still turn back once more just to see me, I wonder if you will be there asking to take care of your broken heart silently, but it was always unspoken! Like I always know when you are not okay, when your mood is not just alright, then I asked you, maybe in a wilful way to do this and that, maybe you never understand why I did all this! I did every little thing to make you smile, make you happy. But you always got me wrong. Maybe that is why you intended to make me a lost star. I promised that I will wait for you and will never leave you even in my darkest nightmares, then why you left me instead? Was I that worthless of your love and sympathy? I have always lied to my heart that I found the one for whom I waited this long. You don’t have to love me if you can’t pretend anymore, just take back all those times, return my love and my care, my every try, return my tears and my smile which you made. Every now and then I think about happiness and love your face come into my mind, every now and then I think about you I fall for you all over again and again and now I am enough injured that no one is still here to lend their hand to help me get on my feet. Like with those feet I wished to dance together, with you. To take the vow, I wished to write the best poem, but you are going apart, wishing you to stop. But give a light years I will wait, give me another world, I will find you and will hold your hand and will never leave you, but I want you only, to love my every flaws and my mistakes, to there to listen to my silly songs, and my guitar, I don’t want to be needing your love, I just want to be deep in your love.

It’s been said that you can’t put it in a fire,

If the candle is already melted!

Likewise with the heart! You can’t break it,

If it is already broken.

You are the only sweetness of my life,

Grab my hand, I will be there with your every wave and tide,

I will be on my knees saying that I love you,

‘Cause I never found anything like you.

I am always here waiting for you

To realize that I am the one because I need your love.

I can climb many mountains, I can cross many oceans,

Just to be with you.

Like in my first letter I wrote it for you,

I will never forget the fact that I love you,

I will always your long talks,

I will be there, and will always put your sadness away,

I love you that is all my heart wants to stay.

The Letter


The princess I have ever known,

You remember what I said last time? I asked you in brittle voice, why don’t you give me another chance to prove that my love is pure and every rumours is just trying to put us separate. But you never listened to me, maybe something was wrong, but you never realized the fact that love is possible in every wrong place and in every wrong time. I have always wished to love someone with all of my heart and only wished to love me in return, love me today don’t leave me tomorrow. But things always don’t work the way it should be, I know I have fallen for you and I will never recover. But I have always trusted one theory! That is, true love is ain’t easy and easy love is ain’t true. Because I know it is you, because you complete me and I don’t want you to be leaving even though I give you reasons.

It is true that you filled my life with all maybe some of your sweetness, but for that reason I can’t even replace those times, once which I spent with you. You made all my broken pieces fixed, but don’t leave me hanging, you don’t know what possible worst misery can ever happen with me. Love is also about attraction, but the only inner attraction, because there are many who can be prettier thanyou, but for one person you are the prettiest girl like you are for me. Even though you got the scars, it will be the beauty mark because even the moon got scars but still we wait to see her. Like I wait to see you every morning after waiting the whole night, some acts not just for showing it is just for feeling, feeling the love can be in small things, letting your heart know that the love which it was waiting for finally showed up with all its charm. But you know it is a shame of being beautiful inside but not outside. So you choose the person by their inner beauty, like I thought when I saw you, when I started knowing you. That time I was away from every negative thought and never cared what people said, but somehow they are getting what they ever wanted to, but I am not the one to sacrifice everything, maybe I did many little to big sacrifices for you but I won’t sacrifice you. You are my only weakness, you are my strength, you are my reason, you are my every poem, you are my breath, your smell is the reason of my breath, maybe that glance of air kept your hand busy just because every time you managed your hair but that was one of the best moment, looking at you, a little smile on your lips, talking slowly but in a continuous way, and which made me smile. Made me a fool to love your every little thing, maybe that was not just an attraction, to believe everything you said, maybe that was a lie but I never thought second time, maybe I am that weak, but how can I be strong without you when you used to be my only strength among the throng of two faced people. Is that so much desperate to think that one person is your everything! Maybe not, that is why I thought doing every little thing will make you believe that I am the one, who will never make you cry the one who will never leave you even when your shadow will leave you. The one to love you unconditionally maybe from a distance if you don’t want me to disturb you! But what else I can do to control myself to see you, those old texts when you are not here, you are not texting, remembering those song which you sang for me hurts, remembering each thing hurts when we are not doing or trying new things. Worrying if you reached home safely when you stop caring what I still do. Maybe I am not worth of many things, yes that is obvious because everything is not meant for me, I don’t know but wish one fine morning everything will be just more than fine like it used to be, maybe this is hardest downs of my life, but I am not scared! Because from the beginning I believed that we are meant to be, you are mine. Maybe I am stupid, but I have been always sure about you, because I know that you know I can do anything to make you smile and I am yours only medicine. How can I forget your voice when it is all in my mind, you are the horror movie freak!

But yes, I told you one lie, I told you I will love you more than those fairy tales, more than those movies we watched. But I never realized I loved you more than that before realizing that this day will come. You know what hurts more? Waiting for you, that same time, thinking and imagining what you are probably doing now. Breaking promises hurts, changing yourself for someone and you can’t get back to the old life hurts, seeing you smiling, but the reason is not me hurts, being weak and your careless smile hurts. Listening to people as they never liked my smile hurts too. What could be tougher than this? Maybe you think that love is not possible, even not in this short span of time but you are dam wrong, like you are at the first time when you trusted all those lies, love is always around you, you need to find it, or rather you need to take another risk, like you took it for me, you started to trust me more than any other boys. Even the moon loves the sun most, but unfortunately they don’t meet usually, they just run one after another just to see each other but when they usually meet the whole galaxy got stunned and that is known as the Eclipse. Every flower loves the light, when they meet the flower bloom from its sleep. Every penguin gift the best stone to their partner, is that attraction too? Love is everywhere, from attraction to the tears, to the tears from the smile, from the smile to the lips, from the lips to the breath, from the breath to the heart, from the heart to the blood. It was and it will be everywhere. You just need to stop to seeing people as you are, you see them as they are. You don’t break their trust as yours is broken, you don’t play around with them as your heart got broken. Because once I promised all of my love is capable of making you fall in love all over again and again. You just need to start believing that yes I can. And I will do that because I will know that yes, you trust me.

With love,

The boy who loves you.

“Beauty lies behind the heart,

Promises hide behind going apart.”